andr3w321 on November 10th, 2009

I was playing headsup to determine the winner of the first table in today’s $322 4x shootout FTOPS #13 today when the following hand occurred. Full Tilt Poker Game #15928294408: FTOPS Event #13 (109222915), Table 114 – 60/120 – No Limit Hold’em – 15:09:43 ET – 2009/11/10 Seat 3: andr3w321 (4,654) Seat 4: Slutaments (7,346) […]

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andr3w321 on November 5th, 2009

Yeah, I know a week late, so sue me. October ended up being a really good month for me winning about $17k. I was up $30k on the 29th or so, but that’s poker and I’m definitely not about to complain about my results for the month. I’ll post a graph and my desktop HEM […]

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