andr3w321 on May 26th, 2007

Lost about 1.5k in the past two days. As I write this my KK just got busted by 23o in a blind battle. Good times. I wish cardrunners would come out with a new sbrugby NL cash game video, he always helps my game a ton. On the bright side at least this will get […]

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andr3w321 on May 23rd, 2007

Two rules to learn and abide by: 1. Don’t bluff in reraised pots2. Don’t bluff without outs Now for some elaboration. In general bluffing in reraised or 3bet pots is a bad idea. By the time someone puts in a big 3bet and then continuation bets the flop they have put in about 1/3 of […]

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andr3w321 on May 21st, 2007

Had my first losing session today in awhile. how you get no action in a 4-way reraised pot with a set is beyond me i started counting my money preflop, didn’t end up that way thoughpretty weird how he played it, I’m only calling with KK, maybe QQ with a read here’s a hand I […]

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andr3w321 on May 20th, 2007

By peers I mean my college buddies and not other 200NL grinders or anything. I’m finding it really frustrating not being able to talk to anyone about poker. I spend the majority of my time thinking about and playing poker and have no one to talk to about it. This summer I am without and […]

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andr3w321 on May 11th, 2007

Keeps the bill collectors away. Or at least so far that is true. I’ve finally gotten comfortable 4tabling 200NL. I started off the month playing 100NL, went on a decent downswing. Then I decided I was going to two table 200NL and reallly focus on every decision I was making. I had some success and […]

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