Yeah so in case you haven’t noticed I’ve been on a really long sabbatical and it has been fantastic. Basically I’ve gotten back to school and done nothing but drink, chase girls, drink, go to class sometimes, do a lil hdubs and that’s taken up most of my time. Fall break just happened and I was really bored – then I realized what I used to do when I was bored… play poker!

Above results are from the past two days of fall break. It’s been really nice playing again and I really feel driven to succeed once more. I played about 1000 hands at 200nl, got pretty bored, looked back through my pokertracker database and saw that I was a 3.5 BB/100 winner at 200NL for the past 100,000 hands and just said fuck it I’m playing 400nl. It was really swingy at first and obviously I am a little rusty but so far its going pretty good. Right now my bankroll is sitting right around 12k so I’m slightly underrolled (I recommend 50 buyins to feel absolutely comfortable at any given level) however I’ve withdrawn about 6k over the past couple of months to pay rent, new laptop etc.

Hmmm non poker related entertainment. I’ve always wanted a helper monkey and its been an ongoing conversation topic between me and my friends. I mean it would almost be worth it to be a paraplegic just so you could have a monkey do everything for you. If you don’t believe me and how sweet they would be check out this vid:

I mean if you had a helper monkey you literally wouldn’t have to do anything. You could train him to play poker for you even. Monkey bet 46 on table 4. Monkey go get me a soda. Monkey come take a shot w/ me. Monkey who would win in a fight? You or a kindergartener? What if one/both of you has a weapon? The possibilities are endless. If you would like to donate to my get a helper monkey fund you can send me a paypal transfer at (I believe they cost about $40k for the trained ones so maybe once I become mad baller rich I’ll get me one)

PS I hope I don’t get flamed for this or ppl don’t think I’m some kind of animal hater. I love animals and especially monkeys 🙂

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  1. cntgetmedown says:

    those monkeys are sick.

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