So I finally got my contract signed with my local sports bar to place an ATM at each of their locations here. Only took me four months since I first registered my LLC with the state. Lol. Here’s a list of my expenses thus far:





Secretary of State Registration



WA Business License



Business Cards



HOWTO e-book



ATM Machines



Storefront decals



Customer Service stickers









Hand truck



Cash to stock machines





If you only wanted to start with one ATM you could take 5k off the expenses, if you already had a landline and phone to program the machines you could take $50 off, you could take a little off if you got a less nice hand truck, but you get the general idea of what start up costs are going to be. It should be about two weeks before the machines get here and are ready to go, but I’m just excited to be making progress. As far as revenue goes, I have no idea what to expect. Each location is unique, but I’ll let you know how it goes after the first month.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can improve my blog and create value for readers who come here. After my What Makes a Good PLO Player? post got such positive feedback I’ve decided I will be writing one poker strategy article per month. While I don’t really like making the games tougher for myself, it’s inevitable anyways and I have no way of stopping it. I think the long term benefits of expanding my readership and quality of blog archives far outweigh the downsides of having the games potentially become slightly tougher during my 20-30 hours/week of play time. Be on the lookout for my No Limit Hold’em: Playing the Player article in the coming weeks/days.

The past week while traveling I picked up a couple of magazines in the airport, specifically Entrepreneur magazine and Inc magazine. I was shuffling threw them and stumbled upon an ad for a subscription and I had no idea print magazine subscriptions were so cheap. You can get a year’s worth of magazines for $10. At first I didn’t realize how they can make any money doing this but then I realized that most of their money comes from ad space they place in the magazine and the more readers they have the more they can charge. Anyways, I’m always looking for new good reading material and if you are too I’d highly recommend getting print magazine subscriptions on your favorite topics. At a dollar a pop they are a practically giving them away anyways.

Keeping with the general theme of things here’s a really good informative and entertaining video on starting an online business.
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5 Responses to “Proud owner of two brand new ATM machines”

  1. mark says:

    hot post — LOVE shit like this. let us know how this works out! very cool stuff and props for taking initiative here!

  2. mark says:

    oh yeah, looking forward to the articles as well!

  3. LuckySOB says:

    Great blog. Looking fwd to updates on the atms.

  4. rakeback says:

    So cost you 10k for installing the ATM machines, but I bet they are already more than paying for themselves.

    On another note you said you were going to write a monthly poker article, what a good idea. I have visited several sites and many of the strategy articles have been written only for poker players who already have the knowledge, be nice to have some simple straight forward talk for us newbies.

    David UK

  5. Squizzel says:

    How much would you expect to make from the ATM machiness? Pretty cool idea, dont think we can do that in england.

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