A couple of sources are saying so. http://www.pokerplayernewspaper.com/content/full-tilt-pokerstars-negotiations-can-12310 Announcement on Monday I think. Let’s hope so.

I’m heading up to Vancouver tonight to play in a $1000+$100 poker tournament at http://www.blvdcasino.com/casino/tournaments/blvd_500.aspx Wish me luck. Hopefully I come back with all the monies.

David Sklansky, the head authority on logic has just come out with a new blog arguing baseball shouldn’t be in the Olympics because the best team doesn’t win often enough. Right… cause in other sports the best team ALWAYS wins and luck never plays a factor. Poker too. Phil Hellmuth always wins the main event.

On a more serious note I’d like to give my 2 cents on the Colorado shooting. This was a horrible tragedy and my heart goes out to everyone that was hurt by it, but why are we talking about the shooter 24/7 for a week now? This is why these shootings keep happening. We should not be giving these people the notoriety they desire. The way to stop these things from happening in the future is twofold.

1. Stop Talking about it. When was the last time you saw a streaker on TV? Could you imagine if every person that went streaking made it on TV and were talked about for a week straight? Loads of attention whores would do it. Do people still streak? Yeah. Will streakers always be a problem? Yeah, probably, but has streaking gone down since they stopped showing it on TV? I’d like to think so. There’s a reason the stations stopped showing it. They didn’t want to encourage that type of behavior. We should treat violent mass murderers the same way. I tried to find some statistics on streakers, both when they showed them on TV and after but couldn’t. Having the Colorado shooters face all over the news for a full week is exactly what he wanted.

2. Invest more resources in finding and helping these troubled young men before they go postal. How much resources to we spend trying to find the next Lebron James? On finding the next president? Billions. On finding the next mass murderer? Not much I’d guess. This is how you prevent future shootings. By reaching out and helping the troubled young kids before they turn to violence.

All this talk about gun control is nonsense. Do I think ordinary citizens should be able to buy body armor and assault rifles? Naw, not really. Do I think that banning them will prevent these shootings from happening in the future? Definitely not. Try googling how to make a bomb. I’m sure it’s not that hard. You’ll probably get put on some government watch list, but I’m just guessing it’s probably not that hard. How about poisoning a bunch of people? Okay, enough brainstorming on how to kill lots of people. It’s creepy. Needless to say, assault rifles are not the only way to do it.

Finally as many people have pointed out 12 people died and it’s a tragedy. Well the reason it’s news is because it’s a rare event. Over 6,000 people die in America per day. 43 are murdered every day. Why don’t we talk a lot more about how to make transportation safer before we worry about gun control. Take a look at these stats below.

Source: http://www.itsmywill.com/itsmylife/stats.html

On a lighter note its good to be back home in Seattle throwing TDs to my friends.

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