At the request of my first comment ever here are my lifetime cashgame stats(LOL I have reader(s)!) I had to combine all my screen names together which I’d never done before. Also, keep in mind starting in January 2007 I had a very nice tourney score for 13.5k so I started taking shots at 200NL which didn’t go so well to start. This doesn’t include any rakeback I have made or any $$ from tournies/sngs either. In total it looks like I’ve played about 145k hands.

June is going pretty well so far. I’ve withdrawn about $1k this month to pay some rent/food and my bankroll is sitting very close to $12k. I have started taking some shots at 400NL and hopefully I can move up there full time soon.

Sweet website where you can watch movies on your computer while they are still in theaters. Most of the old links are broken but the ones on the front page listed as “recently updated” usually work. So far this month I’ve seen knocked up and the new fantastic 4 without leaving my house or spending a dime. Pretty sweet. PS If you work for the government please don’t sue me for posting this link.

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