Look at how much money this blog is making me. You can officially call me a baller from now on. See those ads at the top? Plz click them k thx.

Not much poker updates cause I haven’t played much lately. Midterms this week has been killing me. Probably played about an hour of break even so far this week – down $600 and then recovered later in the day. Halloween is coming up. My costume? Puttin’ my dick in a box of course. Unless you have better suggestions that is.

Check out these giraffes fighting. Completely badass.

The effed up situation with the Texas House of Reps. Unbelievable. You have to watch.

Hopefully more poker this weekend. We shall see. Good luck in life/at the tables.

PS If anyone has any good ideas for what I should spend my $0.46 on do please let me know

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