I was surprised that Black Friday didn’t receive more coverage. I think there was a story hidden on page 7 of my Wall Street Journal when the story broke, but the story has clearly reached a new level now. Front page of my WSJ this morning

Subject Poker Article summarizing the situation

Tom Dwan on Fox News this morning

CNBC on Full Tilt Poker being a Ponzi Scheme

I’ve been following the 2+2 threads pretty much daily since April 15th and have been waiting for a resolution one way or another in the matter and clearly we have it now. I just want two things to happen sooner rather than later

1. I want my 10 cents on the dollar or whatever it is that’s left of what I’m owed. Just hurry up and auction the software off and seize as much of the owners funds as possible and give us players whatever is left.
2. These FTP board members deserve to go bankrupt and see some jail time.

When Black Friday first broke(and the Washington state ban way back in November 2010) I was extremely upset with the government and DOJ. The DOJ came out with their bank fraud charges etc, and I felt extremely sympathetic toward the sites. I thought the governent basically forced them into bank fraud which they were planning to charge them with later instead of doing the right thing IMO, charging them directly with operating a poker site illegally. Well in light of the recent news the blame lies 100% with the FTP owners. Poker Stars paid out just fine and didn’t lie and steal from their players. They didn’t raid player funds and steal 10 million dollars per month after their business became completely insolvent.

Much respect for Tom Dwan as he’s the only one publicly stating he will give back money he received from Full Tilt which he is not (currently at least) legally obligated to. Too few people do the right thing these days unless forced to by the government. To anyone defending any of the Full Tilt owners: just because they may have been ignorant of the fact they were receiving stolen money does not excuse them of repayment of those funds.

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