Finished 20th in event #19 the $2500 6max event. Cashed for $14,400 or so, so a profit of about $11k since I swapped 5% with John aka puddlepirate. Planning on playing the $1500 shootout tomorrow. You can read some updates and stuff on

I had a number of suckouts to get that far but such is tourneys – I don’t think I played bad or anything. The first two hands of the day I was all in, first hand it was folded to me in sb with 75o and a 15k stack at 600/1200/200 and I shipped and older dude in bb later told me he mucked A8o because “he didn’t want to race for 1/2-1/3 of his chips or whatever. Lol old players. Next hand I shipped KTs on the button. I shipped a bunch more until utg who was the loosest player at the table up to this point opened KK, I shipped ATo from the CO and spiked an ace on the turn. Fast forward to the bubble and I opened black aces utg, btn called and both blinds called. Flop was AQ6 two hearts, checked to me I bet 1/3 pot and got shipped on by the button, I snap and he shows AQo and misses his runner runner quads draw. My buddy Jeff aka Jethro87 was unfortunate enough to be the 2nd bubble boy when I busted him for like 2 big blinds in 110th place when 108 paid. The hand previous he ran QQ into AK and lost, so shoutout to him.

Anyways, after the money I probably had about 90k in chips at 800/1600/200 or so. I ended up losing a bit of it back when I flatted KQo with the Q of spades on the btn vs utg open. Flop is K33 two spades. He bets I call. Turn is 7 of spades. He checks I check. River is Jack of hearts he checks I valuebet 12k and he snaps with AKo no spades (wtf?). Then I kinda muddled around stealing and restealing for a bit.

Clayton from leggopoker was on my direct right for most of the day and he was opening quite a bit and I was making his life kinda hell by flatting and 3 betting him quite a bit. The most interesting hand I played vs him was with blinds at 1500/3000/300 when it folds to him in the sb and I say “You know it’s okay to fold one” to which he replies “Ya know I could say the same thing to you” Then he opens to 10.5k or so and I flat 86o with maybe 90k in chips. Flop is K54 rainbow and he cbets 13k or something which I flat. Turn is another K and he checks to me. I tank for a bit and check back hoping to make a pair or straight by the river and check it down or bluff alot of rivers if I miss. River is the ten of diamonds and he bets out 20k and I go all in for about 64k or 44k more and he tank folds. Hehe.

I then lost about 40k in chips where I flatted an old man’s utg raise with black nines out of the big blind and ch called his small flop and turn bets on a K7463 board no flushdraw. After that I got moved to a different table with Seabeast, some asian dude, short guy I played with on day1 and eurolag. I have maybe 110k or something at this point when asian dude utg opens at 3k/6k/500 or something and I re-ship black Tens. He calls with jacks but I spike a ten on the flop vs him and I’m up to 220k or so. I fold a bit until asian dude opens in CO or utg+1 I forget, button ships about 110k or something, I look down at red eights in the BB and reship. Asian dude folds, btn tables AQo and I lose that race. So I’m down to like 15bbs or something, I ship alot until my bustout hand where asian dude opened button to 19k, at 4k/8k/1k and I reship my stack of 120k with KQo which he tank calls and tables A8o. I brick off and I’m out 20th.

I definitely left out a quite a few hands and blinds may have been a bit diff but its close enough. I’m super tired atm and have to wake up in 8 hours to play the shootout which starts in 10 hours. Gl at the tables.

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  1. LuckySOB says:

    Sry you didn’t go farther, but congrats on the score.

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