Busted both of these pretty quickly. Event #13 was the weekly Saturday $1k with two day 1s, like 4500 total entrants and only 3000 in starting chips. I don’t think I’ll play any more of these because much like the plo events the starting stacks are just so shallow you really have to win your first big pot or you’re out and it’s just too much gamble and not enough edge in my opinion. Blinds do start out at 25/25 instead of the usual 25/50 but it doesn’t make that much of a difference. I bled away around 500 chips over the first hour missing flops or not getting paid until my bustout hand arrived.

Utg minraises to 100 at 25/50 and I look down at KTo in the big blind with a little less than 2500 in chips. I wish utg would have just made a normal 3x raise or 2.5x raise and I can easily fold here but vs a minraise I think I have to defend. Flop is T86 rainbow. I check, he checks. Turn is a 9 putting a flushdraw out there and a made straight with any 7. I lead for 150, he raises to 500. At this point I should have folded, but I talked myself into calling and making a decision on the river since I thought he could have AJ or KJ a lot. The river is an offsuit Jack so the board reads JT986 and I no longer beat AJ so I decide to turn my pair of tens into a bluff and open jam the river into him. He tanks for maybe two minutes and then calls me with J7s. This is the first tournament I’m not really happy with how I played this summer but oh wells. All I can do is learn from it.

Event #16 was the $1500 6max event which I was pretty excited about and expected to do well in. I played a few small pots in the first hour chipping up a bit, then in the second level I called a shortstack all in for 1000 in chips or so with Kings vs his deuces and held and was up to 5500 in chips. The guy on my immediate right was pretty loose passive and he would prove to be the end of me. He was opening probably 50% of the hands when folded to him and I let him get away with it for awhile before picking up J9s on the button after he opened the cutoff for 400 at 75/150. I decide to 3 bet to 1100 and unfortunately the sb instaships his shortstack for 1650, the cutoff immediately folds only reinforcing my belief that it was a good and profitable 3 bet by me I just got unlucky to run into a big hand behind me. I call the extra 550 pretty quickly with the sick pot odds I’m getting and he shows AKo. I can’t manage to win the 40/60 and I’m down to 3k in chips.

I fold for a bit just looking for reship opportunities with my 20bb stack until utg opens and I look down at AQo. I ship over his raise and he calls with AQo and we chop. Unexciting. A few hands later Annie Duke gets moved to my table but she appears to be my bad luck charm as the first hand she’s dealt in is my bustout hand. Loose passive guy opens for 400 from the highjack and I reship 2900 from the CO with 66. He thinks for maybe 20 seconds before calling with KQo. His call seems pretty bad to me considering I’m shoving literally no worse hands except MAYYYYBE KJs, but anyways flop hits with a queen, turn and river brick out and I’m done. He may have thought my 3 bet range was really light after seeing the J9s hand, but once I’m down to 20bb there’s little chance I’m not putting my stack in with what I believe to be the best hand. A bit ironic that I busted out with the same hand(66) in the same event as last year http://www.andr3w321.com/?p=441

So it’s been a bit rough of a start to the series so far 0-5, but I’ve been happy with my play in all the tournaments with the exception of the $1k which I don’t plan on playing any more of. Tomorrow is the $1500 stud event which will be my first non NLH event which should be super soft. Hopefully I can do some damage. My roommate ceegee who got staked in the $10k stud8 event busted 14th oh so close to the final table. Was looking forward to railing him but the poker gods decided it wasn’t meant to be.

Online cash has been going ok. This weekend I went on a sick heater and played in some really soft games and won $20k, but today I sat in some tougher games and ran pretty bad to lose most of it back. I think I’m almost even on the month right now, which I guess I’m happy about. Thank god for cash games, if I were tourny pro I don’t think I could take it. I played like 12 of them on Sunday, bubbled a couple and didn’t manage any cashes. It’s all good though, even Daniel Negreanu is struggling as I think he’s 0-10 or something right now.

Confused Wake-up Prank
That was just a hide-in-the-closet-with-a-banana-in-your-mouth-holding-a-TV drill. Always good to be prepared in case the real thing happens

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