So today was/is the $1500 6max event. I lasted all of about 30 minutes. We started with 4500 chips at 25/50 blinds I played maybe two orbits winning one pot with a cbet and folding pf vs a 3 bet when my bustout hand occured. Utg opened to 150, I look down at 6c6h and flat utg+1, sb flats, and bb squeezes for 600 more. Utg folds, I call and sb folds. So the pot was 1800 if my math was correct and we see a flop of 689 rainbow. He openships for about 2x pot and I snapcall. He flips over black aces, but unfortunately for me the turn was an Ah and I missed my quads on the river sending me to the rail. Not much I can do, I played well and tomorrow is the $2k fullring event which I plan on playing.


One thing I forgot to mention yesterday is all the poker celebs I have seen. Today I saw TJ Cloutier playing chinese poker for $50/point or so I believe. I also managed to see rizen and aejones walking around today, though I didn’t approach either of them. Yesterday I saw Scotty Nguyen(sp?) Jeff Madsen, and a bunch of other guys I’m forgetting atm. I also shook Greg Raymer’s hand and congratulated him on his finish in the $40k as he was walking out with his wife. So that was cool I guess. That’s about it for today, gonna go grind some online.

I’ll leave you with a picture from the webcam at my dog’s doggy daycare place where he is while I’m out here in vegas. Apparently he hasn’t exactly been on his best behavior there…

PS Quick story about registration. When I registered for the event today the lady accidentaly put me in the $2k event tomorrow for the $1.5k I gave her. I suppose I could have taken the extra $500 but I consider myself a pretty honest guy so I went back and got it refunded and switched. Also, quick PSA, don’t get in line to register for wsop events with your friends because that’s how they assign seats/tables. I met a buddy there and he was telling me how his friend and him are at the same 6max table because of this, make sure everyone in line around you when registering is bad/old imo.

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  1. […] I fold for a bit just looking for reship opportunities with my 20bb stack until utg opens and I look down at AQo. I ship over his raise and he calls with AQo and we chop. Unexciting. A few hands later Annie Duke gets moved to my table but she appears to be my bad luck charm as the first hand she’s dealt in is my bustout hand. Loose passive guy opens for 400 from the highjack and I reship 2900 from the CO with 66. He thinks for maybe 20 seconds before calling with KQo. His call seems pretty bad to me considering I’m shoving literally no worse hands except MAYYYYBE KJs, but anyways flop hits with a queen, turn and river brick out and I’m done. He may have thought my 3 bet range was really light after seeing the J9s hand, but once I’m down to 20bb there’s little chance I’m not putting my stack in with what I believe to be the best hand. A bit ironic that I busted out with the same hand(66) in the same event as last year […]

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