I got into Vegas Thursday and played my first event 5pm that day. It feels good to back playing poker. It’s been quite awhile. I was a little nervous sitting down for my first event as it’s been so long since I played, but after an hour or so I felt right at home again.

The first two hours of the stud event were pretty uneventful. I blinded down a bit to around 4k in chips. The next two hours I went a nice little heater hitting trip queens and trip aces and getting paid on both. I even won a couple pots off Chau Giang who got moved my table during this time. I’ve played a bit with him online and he’s a bit of a monkey, but during my play with him he was shortstacked and in a generally bad mood. He also missed like 10 hands taking smoke breaks lol. Anyways, I ended that session with around 10k chips.

The next hour I had already mentally prepared to lose a few pots, but I really imploded and lost all of them. I lost wired jacks to split tens, chased down two flushdraws to the river and bricked out both times, called a shortstacks all in with split 2s and lost and then threw my last 300 chips in with AJ6 only to lose to A86. Maybe I should have played tighter and let a couple of these go, I’m not really sure. Stud’s not my best game.

Funny story from my bartender at lunch the following day. I sit down and order a beer, burger and salad. The bartender cards me and says he’s from Seattle too (Queen Anne). We chat a bit and he brings back my beer. A couple minutes later a different server comes out with the salad, only problem is I have no silverware to eat it with. I flag down the bartender and ask for some. He says he only has chopsticks. I reply, “really?” and sit there contemplating eating my salad with chopsticks at TGIFs when there’s a guy not three seats over with silverware and am about to agree when he says he’s just effing with me. Good times bartender. You got me.

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