I played my first NL event today and played extremely well, but took some horrendous beats to bust. It reminded me of the good old run bad days haha. Kathy Liebert was seated at my starting table. She bluffed off like half her chips in the 2nd hour and was generally pretty quiet/tight after that. Some guy came up and had her sign his super system book. Not much else to report from her, she did scold some guy for eating carrots at the table while handling all the dirty poker chips and told him he was bound to get sick from it. Oh wells, that’s about it for Liebert stories.

As my tourney goes, I chipped up pretty easily to about 7.5k in chips when the last hand before the second 20 mins break is dealt. Utg(my nemesis) is a chubby, younger white guy completely decked out in the typical poker gear. He’s got the hoodie, the ipad, the sunglasses the headphones, the whole nine yards. He has about 4k in chips to start the hand and opens for 300 at 75/150. I have AKo in middle position and reraise to 800. Folds around back to him and he calls. Flop is K75 rainbow. He checks and I bet 600 into the 1825 pot trying to sucker him in. He obliges and we see a Qd turn. He check calls all in for another 2700 with 9dTd and obviously binks the flush on the river. wtf?

I double up vs him a couple a hands after the break when he opens from early position for 400, I shove for 3500 with red tens and he calls it off with AJ. Yay, up over 7k again.

About 20 minutes later I open utg with two jacks, the same player reraises me from middle position, I think about it for a bit as we are playing ten handed, but decide he’s too loose to fold and shove all in. He snap calls and shows two tens and binks another one on the flop to take down the 12k pot.

I’m down to 1300 chips at 100/200 at this point and manage to get AK in the cutoff and shove, the small blind calls me with A7 and manages to river a straight and I’m out. Not much I can do, I played really well and took some beats.

I’m going to re-enter the tournament again tomorrow. I’m thinking tomorrow should be softer since I’m playing against people who already busted day 1, but I’m also playing against people who can afford to blow $3k on one tourny so I’m not sure. Anyone have opinions on re-entry tournies? I’ve never played one before.

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