So I got to vegas yesterday and played my first wsop event of the year today, a $1500 NLH 9max event. I plan on playing 9-10 events this year and am fully willing to lose the $15-20k it will cost me. I obviously have hopes of winning a bracelet like every other donk that descends on vegas this time of year, but realistically I’ll probably be satisfied if I breakeven on my buyins.

Today’s event wasn’t very exciting, my table was fairly tight with the exception of two donators that busted relatively quickly before I could pick up any hands against them. I made it to the third level of 75/150 blinds with 4k in chips (you start with 4.5k) when utg opened for 500 and utg+2 flatted when I looked down at AKo. I shipped obv, I considered making it 2k or something but it’s going to leave me in an awkward spot with 1/2 pot bet left and I think maximizing fold equity and seeing five cards is way more important than balancing or trying to get sick value from KQ or whatever. I don’t think overcalling can be considered here. Anyways, utg called with JJ and the flat caller mucked after some deliberation. The board bricked out and I lost. Pretty standard and uneventful like I said. Tomorrow is the $1.5k 6max which I plan on playing, hopefully I’ll win my first flip! That’s all for now gotta get some rest gl!

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