Didn’t play very much today but what little I did I managed to run pretty good and play well, it reminded me of August actually 🙂 maybe a sign of good things to come.

I did make one super nitty fold, but the guy was playing 18/14 and 8 tabling 5/10 so I didn’t really think he was bluffing there. I pretty much hate deep poker like this though so I quit soon after.

Other than that, not much goin. I went to the gym in my condo building for like 30 mins which I’ve been doing somewhat more regularly recently. Also watched the NFL regular season opener and a bit of the “30 Days of Night” Josh Hartnett vampire movie which is about as good as I expected so far. Until next time GL at the tables!

No vid this time but a link to a boatload of written poker interviews if that’s your thing.

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