Check out my business’ website at I haven’t really talked about my ATM Machine business at all lately and wanted to wait til I got my website up to give any sort of update. Things have been going pretty slow and steady for me. I currently have 7 locations with a verbal agreement to put an 8th in next month that should do the equivalent volume of all my current locations combined. I’ve been in business about 18 months now and am just now starting to make consistent revenues that maybe a college kid could live off of. I’m still unprofitable, and because I plan to keep expanding it will be at least another year before I do finally turn profit depending on how much new business I generate.

The new website has been about six weeks in the making and I’m happy it’s finally launched and live. It set me back a fair bit, but in the long term I think it will definitely be worth it. I’m still in the process of setting up Adwords and optimizing it. I’m still fairly new to using them, but I’ve depleted most of the other lead generating methods I had tried up to now. In case your curious they have included:

-Craigslist Advertising (mildly successful)
-Cold Call (I usually only do this to gather info, and then follow up with an in person meeting)
-Door to door (extremely time consuming, better to call first, pretty hit or miss)
-Cold e-mail (zero success with this method)
-Postcard campaign (only did this once with 1000 and received exactly 1 phone call which did not lead to a sale)
-References (once you get a few sales, this is far and away the BEST and EASIEST way to get new business)
-Acquisitions (I’ve made a couple offers to buy already placed ATMs, but either been too slow to act or other people have bid higher)

So check me out online I appreciate any/all support I can get!

Belated awesome Valentine’s Day Facebook post

5 Responses to “Seattle ATM Machine Website Launched!”

  1. Noel Rafalo says:

    Typo found.

    “provides the all latest”

    Should read “all the latest”

  2. andr3w321 says:

    Thx. Fixed. Lemme know if you find anymore.

  3. Jeet says:

    Really nice looking website. I’m still so fascinated by the atm business

  4. gda says:

    Hey. I just picked up 3 ATM’s from a family member. I want to start my own ATM Business. Who is a good local ISO…don’t worry, I’m on the other side of the water, won’t be cutting into your turf.

  5. andr3w321 says:


    I emailed you, let me know if you did not receive.


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