andr3w321 on June 2nd, 2012

I got into Vegas Thursday and played my first event 5pm that day. It feels good to back playing poker. It’s been quite awhile. I was a little nervous sitting down for my first event as it’s been so long since I played, but after an hour or so I felt right at home again.

The first two hours of the stud event were pretty uneventful. I blinded down a bit to around 4k in chips. The next two hours I went a nice little heater hitting trip queens and trip aces and getting paid on both. I even won a couple pots off Chau Giang who got moved my table during this time. I’ve played a bit with him online and he’s a bit of a monkey, but during my play with him he was shortstacked and in a generally bad mood. He also missed like 10 hands taking smoke breaks lol. Anyways, I ended that session with around 10k chips.

The next hour I had already mentally prepared to lose a few pots, but I really imploded and lost all of them. I lost wired jacks to split tens, chased down two flushdraws to the river and bricked out both times, called a shortstacks all in with split 2s and lost and then threw my last 300 chips in with AJ6 only to lose to A86. Maybe I should have played tighter and let a couple of these go, I’m not really sure. Stud’s not my best game.

Funny story from my bartender at lunch the following day. I sit down and order a beer, burger and salad. The bartender cards me and says he’s from Seattle too (Queen Anne). We chat a bit and he brings back my beer. A couple minutes later a different server comes out with the salad, only problem is I have no silverware to eat it with. I flag down the bartender and ask for some. He says he only has chopsticks. I reply, “really?” and sit there contemplating eating my salad with chopsticks at TGIFs when there’s a guy not three seats over with silverware and am about to agree when he says he’s just effing with me. Good times bartender. You got me.

andr3w321 on May 31st, 2012

So I got engaged to my long time girlfriend about a month ago. We took a week long vacation down to Sedona, Arizona and the timing seemed right. I surprised her by waking up really early one day and going on a short little hike here where I did the deed.

No I was not wearing the hoodie or glasses at the time but I was for most of the trip. I can’t help that I’m vampire white. I ended up getting the ring off a great site I found through reddit, If you’re in the market for a ring or some jewelry I highly recommend it. You buy directly from other sellers and the site verifies everything. As a result I was able to afford a much nicer ring and spend a lot less than I otherwise would have. If you’re worried about the yuck factor of it being second hand or anything I think that’s just dumb, just because you buy it from a jeweler does not mean someone else never wore it. Other stops on the trip were meteor crater

And the grand canyon. We ended up driving up from Sedona one evening to camp on the Grand Canyon South Rim so we could wake up super early the next day for our epic hike. We wanted to see/hike the whole canyon, but the camping permits in the bottom of the canyon at ghost ranch book up like six months to a year in advance and we didn’t reserve early enough so we ended up doing the whole hike in one day. I’m not gonna lie it was pretty brutal. We had been hiking a fair bit out in Seattle as preparation, but nothing like this. We hiked down the South Kaibob Trail

Across the Colorado River

And back up the Bright Angel Trail

In total is was 20 miles, 4500 elevation change and 9 hours of hiking. I’m not gonna lie, the last bit was pretty brutal, but overall it was a great experience and fun for the first 75% of the hike. The rangers tell you not to do it and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re in pretty good shape and fairly experienced hiker (a couple people a year die every year from heat exhaustion, I’m sure it’s much harder in June or July) but it’s definitely doable and by far the best hike I’ve ever been on.

Overall it was a great vacation, but I’m ready to get back to work. I’m heading out to Vegas tomorrow and I’ll be there until June 10th. If anyone wants to meet up just contact me I’ll be staying at the Gold Coast. The first event I’m playing is the $1500 stud which starts 5pm tomorrow.

I’m sure my game is more than a little rusty, but I think I’ll be fine. I’ve been playing a bit of play money on Stars as it’s basically my only option if I don’t want to take a whole day to go play live. I’ve managed to get my account up to 100k chips starting with 1k about a week ago. I think that goes for something like 15 cents on the open market. Oh yea, probably earning like 1 cent/hour. It’s okay, but not exactly the same as real money games. The most tilting thing about it is there is no hand replayer so it’s really hard to go back and look at or analyze hands to look at equities and there’s no loading them into HoldemManager. Oh well, gotta make do. Good luck at the tables and I hope everyone has a great series!

andr3w321 on February 3rd, 2012

Link to Video The question occurs 1:50 from the end. It’s a bit slow to load, so here’s the transcript if you don’t want to wait.

Host: “Are you a supporter of legalizing online gaming?”
Romney: “No. No, I’m not.”
Host: “Why not?”
Romney: “Uh, uh, gaming has a social affect on a lot of people. I don’t want to increase access to gaming and I feel that we have plenty of access to gaming right now through the various casinos and establishments that exist and in some states there are lotteries that are used to fund their schools and budgets and so forth and I don’t think online gaming would encourage or improve that setting.”

Ah, I get it you’re opposed for moral reasons and because you want to protect the lottery. So you must never do any friendly wagering yourself…

andr3w321 on January 11th, 2012

Plus Tax! Stop renting your cable modem. Comcast was charging me $7/month to rent one from them and the modem only costs $49.00 so it’s a seven month payback period. Pretty good! I only wish I would have done this years ago, but it’s not too late to start now. Setup was super easy – just disconnect your rented modem, plug in the new one and it should work. Then return the rented modem to your cable provider.

Here’s lists of
Comcast approved cable modems
Time Warner approved cable modems

andr3w321 on December 20th, 2011

Another tutorial showing you how you can turn your lights and appliances on and off with your iPhone. The two main companies that make these devices are x10 and insteon. You’ll probably get the best price on whichever you want by searching ebay for x10 or insteon The insteon devices are a bit more expensive but the way I understand it is each module rebroadcasts your requests so you won’t have to buy as many transceivers if you go that route, but if you live in a little apartment like me you’re probably best off going with the cheaper x10. I bought my starter kit off It’s pretty much the worst laid out and confusing website in the world, but if you spend enough time on there you should eventually be able to figure out what you want.

Here’s a diagram showing the set up and two different ways I demo turning the lights on and off.

As I mention in the video, you can not use a lamp module with a CFL light bulb, so if you want dimming capabilities you will have to go back to incandescent bulbs, otherwise I recommend the appliance modules. You do not need to buy any software if you are reasonably technical you can use the free webserver software located here:

andr3w321 on December 9th, 2011

Another tutorial showing you how you can turn on your computer with your iPhone using your computer’s wake on lan feature. Whether or not you will be able to do this or not will completely depend on your hardware, most likely your motherboard. I can only turn on my computer from sleep/hibernation mode, not from full shutdown, but you may able to. The video switches to full screen halfway through when I start screen recording.

Free App –
WOL – Magic Packet Sender –
Wiki –
Router Firmware –

andr3w321 on December 6th, 2011

Made another quick tutorial today on how you can use your iPhone as a mouse for your computer. I find it super helpful when watching espn3 or hulu/netflix from my laptop hooked up to the TV.


andr3w321 on December 1st, 2011

Inspired by this 2+2 thread Your ideas are worthless and I’m here to prove it Here are fifteen free business ideas I have come up with over the past couple of months. Feel free to steal them, let me know if you want to collaborate/partner with me on any of them or give me feedback on them. The only disclaimer is I have done exactly no market research on them to determine if these products already exist or anyone would even want them.

1. but for contractors and localized (they always rip ppl off and overcharge, would be nice if they could bid on jobs online and users could read previous customer reviews)

2. Pet collar gps/pedometer so you never lose your dog and can see how much your dog exercised each day

3. Watch with pedometer

4. Survivor reality show broadcast 24/7 instead of the usual 1 hr recap of 3 days

5. Grant applying service for professors. Professors want to do research. It’s what they are good at and what they love doing. They do not want to beg for money. You could make a business that writes grant requests on behalf of professors.

6. Pickup game app. It’s hard to find a bunch of people to play a basketball/baseball/whatever sport pickup game. App would put people who are in close proximity to each other that want to play sport together

7. Movies tickets are all the same price. Don’t know what the business idea here is exactly but there has to be some sort of arbitrage opportunity. It costs the same price to go see any movie at the movie theater, but Avatar cost like $200 million to make and Slumdog Millionaire costs like $5 million. Clearly a ticket to go see Avatar should cost more.

8. Facetime app with Miis. Facetime app except instead of actually seeing video of each other, you see an avatar that the other person can control/make do things like smile, be sad etc

9. Clothing size conversion app between different clothes retailers. Is a Gap medium a Banana Republic Large?

10. iPhone speakers that take over the audio playing for your phone when you set it near them so no need to actually plug your phone into the player

11. American made app. App/website that lists American made products.

12. Lunch hour app. Instead of a happy hour app, an app that shows only lunch specials

13. An app idea submission website. Everyone submits app ideas and people vote on what they think the best idea is. The one that wins gets a cash prize.

14. A smart fridge that automatically orders groceries for you to be delivered by Amazon Fresh/whoever. I think this one is quite a few years away but it will happen eventually. There’s a couple food items that people always need to have in their fridge: milk, eggs, bread etc. Why bother going to grocery shopping when you can just have your fridge automatically order a new batch when the last one’s getting low?

15. Smart razor and smart toothbrush. All our electronic devices are going to be hooked up to the internet eventually so a razor and toothbrush seems like a natural progression. The idea would be that you could look at your phone and look at how long you brush your teeth on average, at what times you brush, if it were smart enough, how you could improve your brushing technique. You could get points for flossing etc.

andr3w321 on November 30th, 2011

Since I stopped playing poker, I’ve been struggling to find topics to blog about so I’ve decided to create a series of software tutorials. The first of which is on Git.

What is Git?
Git is a version control software. Basically this means that any time you have a project, document, file or folder which you update regularly you are going to have different versions over time. Sometimes you want to roll back changes or at least look at what you changed. Git allows you to do this without copying, pasting and saving every version as a new file.

andr3w321 on November 17th, 2011

I’m happy to say I’ve completely updated and revamped Poker Bluff Tools adding both a range selector tool and fold equity calculator. You can download a completely free 30 day trial here. Please let me know if you like it and how it can be improved. I’ve been saving this blog post for almost six months now so I could finish up the Poker Bluff Tools update and properly evaluate the hands I played this summer.

I played WSOP event #13 the $1500 no limit hold’em shootout Wednesday with no success. I’m not really surprised just a little disappointed, I mean I think the avg winning player cashes in something like 15% of these things? I thought I played pretty well, but I was unsure of a couple decisions I made prior to busting.

I played pretty tight early on and let the donks knock themselves out which I thought was common knowledge for basic sit n go strategy yet I still witnessed young (supposedly good?) online guys calling 3 bets out of position with 8Ts and crap. Sure the other guy ends up showing down T6s, but it all seems like pretty big spew to me. There’s no doubt in my mind these tournies are good value.

I basically play no hands except for the occasional blind steal or blind defense and find myself five handed with 500 less than the starting stack of 4500, with 4000 in chips. The structure is definitely quicker than the other 1500s, as it skips the 75/150 level and goes straight from 50/100 to 100/200 in level 4. I don’t really mind the jump, as usually most of the donks have knocked themselves out by this time, and it’s mostly a shove luckfest at that point, but it’s worth noting.

Anyways it folds to me on the button and I have the two beautiful looking Jacks for the first interesting decision. I make a standard 2.5x open to 500, and the small blind who has me slightly covered with 5100 in chips makes it 1300 to go. At this point I’m licking my chops ready to get it in expecting to be a pretty sizeable favorite when the big blind ruins my party and instantly announces he is all in after looking at his cards for about 5300 total.

$100/$200 No Limit Holdem
5 Players
Hand Conversion Powered by

UTG $20,000
CO $10,600
andr3w321 (BTN) $4,000
SB $5,100
BB $5,300

Pre-Flop: ($300, 5 players) andr3w321 is BTN Jd Jh
2 folds, andr3w321 raises to $500, SB raises to $1,300, BB goes all-in $5,300

Final Pot: $7,100

The fact is I think the big blind isn’t doing this with Tens ever, as he should at least think about folding and the same for AQ. The small blind can also easily have a higher pair than me. If I fold I’m left with 3500 or 17.5 big blinds with no antes or an M of 12 and still an okay reshoving stack. If I call I may triple up and cripple two of my opponents. If I fold I let them tango with no risk to me, and in all likelihood say goodbye to one of my competitors and am left four handed with plenty of time to find a good reshove spot. What would you do?

Well, I ended up folding and I was really unsure of my decision, but utilizing poker bluff tools I was able to find I made the correct play. There are two scenarios that can play out if I call.

1) SB folds and I am headsup with the BB for a pot of 9,300 chips
2) SB overcalls and I am 3 way for a pot of 12,000 chips

For the first scenario I have equity of 36.2%.

Hold’Em Equity Calculator by
Equity Win Tie Wins Ties
Hero: 36.24% 36.03% 0.21% 360271 2147.00 { JdJh }
Villain 1: 63.76% 63.54% 0.21% 635435 2147.00 { QQ+,AKs,AKo }

Solving for expected value I find that by making this call I lose 138 chips on average. A clear losing play.

Call Calculator by
Amount to Call: 3500.00
Total Pot After Call: 9300.00
Pot Odds: 37.63%
Equity: 36.15%
Expected Value: -138.05

For the second scenario I find I have 28.56% equity.

Hold’Em Equity Calculator by
Equity Win Tie Wins Ties
Hero: 28.56% 28.18% 0.38% 185177 2479.67 { JdJh }
Villain 1: 46.43% 44.74% 1.69% 293954 11110.17 { QQ+,AKs,AKo }
Villain 2: 25.01% 23.06% 1.94% 151520 12771.17 { 88+,AJs+,AJo+ }

Solving for expected value I find that by making this call I lose 76 chips on average. Not quite as bad, but still a clear losing play.

Call Calculator by
Amount to Call: 3500.00
Total Pot After Call: 12000.00
Pot Odds: 29.17%
Equity: 28.53%
Expected Value: -76.40

Of course being results oriented like we all are, after I fold the sb decides he has to call with his AQo and the big blind tables AKo. Jack on the flop and AK ends up taking the 10,000 chip pot down. Obviously, if I could have seen their hole cards I’d have known I was making a -2000 chip decision, but at least I can take solace in knowing I made the theoretically correct laydown.

So then I’m down to four handed and manage to get a walk in the big blind before my final bustout hand comes. It was pretty standard, but worth analyzing nonetheless.

$100/$200 No Limit Holdem
4 Players
Hand Conversion Powered by

CO $20,000
BTN $10,600
andr3w321 (SB) $3,500
BB $10,900

Pre-Flop: ($300, 4 players) andr3w321 is SB Ks Js
1 fold, BTN raises to $500, andr3w321 goes all-in $3,500, 1 fold

Final Pot: $4,200

Button opens to 500 and I am in the small blind with about 3500 chips. I have KJs and shove all in. Using Poker Bluff Tools’ fold equity calculator I can guess that the button is opening roughly 70% of the time here and calling all broadway, aces and pairs. With those assumptions I get a fold equity of 60.65%. Plugging the calling range into villain 1, and giving myself KJs I get an equity of 46.75% when called.

Hold’Em Equity Calculator by
Equity Win Tie Wins Ties
Hero: 46.75% 44.96% 1.79% 404203 16057.50 { KJs }
Villain 1: 53.25% 51.47% 1.79% 462698 16057.50 { KTs+,QTs+,JTs,KTo+,QTo+,JTo,22+,A2s+,A2o+ }

Plugging in the remaining unknowns for the Semi Bluff Calculator and solving for expected value I get a positive chip EV of 545 chips.

Semi Bluff Calculator by
Equity When Called: 46.75%
Pot Size Prebluff: 800.00
Bluff Amount: 3400.00
Fold Equity: 60.65%
Expected Value: 545.41

Unfortunately, results were he called with KQo. I have KsJs, flop is Ts8s6h giving me hope, but the turn and river were no help and I was out in 4th at my table. If I wanted to I could figure out an optimal shoving range for myself in this spot given my assumptions(set EV to 0 and then solve for equity to get 28.51%, change hero’s hand from KJs to 100% of hands and you still get 38% which means you’re still profiting 287 chips by shoving 100% of your range if he folds that often), or even use the Call Calculator to figure out from my villain’s perspective an optimal calling range given my shoving range(he needs 48% equity to call).

Call Calculator by
Amount to Call: 3000.00
Total Pot After Call: 6200.00
Pot Odds: 48.39%
Equity: 48.39%
Expected Value: 0.00

Please let me know if all the above was simple enough to follow along or if you you’d like me to make a youtube video walking through the hands or any other hands for you. I hope you can see the power of Poker Bluff Tools and will give it a try.

In case you missed it last week: