In the decade or so that online poker has been around there have been relatively few genuine innovations to the game of poker with maybe the exception of Rush Poker by full tilt which was really only created so they could collect rake at a quicker rate. It really makes you wonder why there hasn’t been more innovation and I think again the reason is due to the lack of competition in the market. So here’s a couple free ideas for how I think the sites could add some unique features and keep the game interesting and less boring.

Team Play. There have been a couple of live tournaments that have utilized various ways of playing poker as a team but online poker has yet to embrace any variants of it. One person plays flop & river, other plays preflop and turn. At the wsop every year a lot of times people will pick themselves and one of their friends to make more $$ than two other challengers. With how easily accessible everyone is on the internet, how come there is no method of team play offered in online poker? Why can’t I challenge me and my buddy who’s decent vs Durrrr and some donk to see who will win? Why don’t they offer a way to wager on the match?

Duplicate Tables. Same Opponents. Another great thing about online poker is people have the ability to play multiple games and tables vs the same opponent(s). Why isn’t there a “Duplicate” button when I first join a headsup match to allow us to automatically have one or more of the same tables opened for us. You could even implement this in 6max or fullring games. Playing four tables of 6 max vs the same 5 other people is much more fun and creates a lot more metagame rather than random people across the tables. Sure it’s difficult to get everyone to agree, but this ends up happening anyways, it should be easier to create with out so much effort on our parts.

Must Move Tables. I actually stole this from someone on 2+2, but I spend a decent amount of time on waiting lists. Sure full tilt’s ability to join the waiting list for all types of that kind of table as opposed to just individual tables like you used to be able to do helps, but why can’t a table be automatically created for everyone on the wait list waiting to join the game? They can still remain in line for the game their trying to join, but in the mean time they gotta play with the other people waiting. Great thing about this is it creates more rake for the sites which is why they should dig it, but it also eliminates all those 70 person waiting lists for the one drooler at the high stakes games.

Voice or Video Chat. I understand we shouldn’t be trying to turn poker sites into the next skype, but what’s wrong with amping up the trash talk by allowing mics? You would still be able to mute people of course but who wouldn’t love to hear their villains moans and groans when you stack them or their ridiculous gloating and celebrations when they win a hand. It would really appeal to the one tabling fish I think and be good for the poker economy by increasing their level of entertainment and enjoyment while playing. Also, if you want your slogan to be “Play poker with the pros” being able to voice or video chat as opposed to simple text chatting is pretty huge in adding to this realism.

Create Your Own Mix. Create Your Own Game. Poker sites aren’t utilizing all of their customer’s ability to innovate and create for them. They should take a page out of playbook and let us poker players do it for them. If I want to create a three card hold’em variation like pineapple I think it’s called and invite some people to play me in it why can’t I? If I want to create and play 5 card plo why can’t I? If I want to play a mix of razz and 2-7 triple draw why can’t I?

Escrow Service. How often do bets get made between poker players requiring an escrow? Why can’t the sites themselves offer this very simple service for a small fee?

Online poker is still in it’s infancy and I’m sure it will continue to evolve and change in the coming years, but come on Full Tilt and Stars. Give me some real added value and unique features in your next software update!

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