Obviously I’ve been on a bit of a heater as of late and its been nice. This is by far my best cash game month ever. I was really hoping to hit 10k on the month but it was halloween and I had partying to do. Here are some interesting hands.

In this hand the guy was 3 betting me nonstop and I decided to take a stand PF by 4 betting with my AQ. On the flop after putting in so much PF I thought I’d race against his 88 with my overs+backdoor FD, to my surprise I had the best hand and it held.

In this hand I had no intention of folding after I 3bet the flop initially, but the guy was like 23/2 and it was pretty clear to me at the time that he must have had pocket 3s(pocket 6s and 8s are unlikely since I hold a 6 and an 8). There’s just no way he is limping 36 or 38 preflop. Even if I’m up against 45d or something I’m still only a slight favorite. This is the kind of hand I used to just call off, but recently I’ve been able to get away from.

In this hand I obv put the guy on JT of hearts and knew the Q of hearts was coming on the turn. Good fold by me IMO.

Right now my bankroll is about 1 400NL buyin short of 20k. Obviously I’ve been running hot and it is unsustainable, but I think I am going to take a shot at 600NL in the next couple of days and see how it goes. Hope you have as good of luck as I have been having at the tables lately!

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  1. whitewash says:

    Sick recovery from your break, sir.

    BTW, you’re a loser for blocking out your PT stats. 😛

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