I’ve spent the last week creating a new free poker web tool in my spare time which you can check out at PokerBluffTools.com The essence of the site is three calculators which will determine whether bluffs and calls are profitable or not and how profitable or unprofitable they may be. The calculators will be most useful to you if you use them in conjunction with an equity and range calculator such as pokerstove or propokertools.com, however they can still be useful on their own as a standalone product.

The main motivation I had for creating this tool was to save myself(and you) time and energy doing tedious algebra work that goes along with calculating the expected value or fold equity of hands. You may remember my post on Preflop Math Well using the calculators I have created, you can do this much easier and quicker yourself, except you can also solve for a number of other unknowns like finding the breakeven bluff amount, expected $$ won of a play, how large the potsize must be for a bet to be profitable etc. It is also not limited to just preflop plays. Using the calculators you can quickly and easily calculate whether semibluff raising a flushdraw, or two overs is a good play or how large a bet you can call with a draw and no implied odds.

I hope you find it useful. I would appreciate any and all suggestions and comments for the tool. If you think it’s a piece of crap I’d like to know that too. Please just let me know why you think this and how it can be improved. If someone is interested in partnering in some way making drastic improvements to the tool to try to turn this into a commercially viable product I am interested, and if anyone wants to advertise on the site please send me an e-mail at PokerBluffTools@gmail.com

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  1. Chris says:

    I spend a decent amount of time on the 2+2 software forum. While this is a nice idea I think you will have a hard time turning it into monetary gain. I base this opinion on the countless works already in the forum starting out aiming for money and ending up open source.

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