So far this month I’ve played 2333 hands at 400NL (about 1000 today in which I lost about $1200 (3 buyins). Overall I’m up $500 at this level and my bankroll is sitting at 10.5k. I think I’m going to continue playing here unless I drop below 10k in which case I’m going to move back to 200NL until I reach 12k again.

My first impressions of the level are that the average level of play is about the same, but the better players are better and the worse players are worse if that makes sense. In 200NL there seems to be a lot more 12 tabling zombies who play predictably and nitty and then there some bad 3 tabling guys thrown in. At 400NL it seems that there are a lot more guys 1 tabling buying in for like $155.59 which is likely their whole bankroll and then there are some pretty solid 6 tabling guys too. So far it seems way nittier than 200NL and I think I’m throwing in too many double barrel bluffs which I should probably just give up on after I’m called once since its so nitty here.

I’ll be making a river checkraise strat post soon so be on the lookout for that.

Here’s some youtube news bloopers for your entertainment

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