May turned out to be kinda disappointing. I ran really well to start and toward the end of the month I really think my play started to fall off. My voyage into limit holdem was also a huge failure. I was just playing too loose in limit and by the time I realized it I was down like $700 or something and tried to win some back but only ended up losing KK/AA a bunch of times for a lot of bets before I quit. The graph is also slightly misleading because I lost about $500 live and something like $500 I would guess in tourny fees. On the other hand, I can’t be too upset. I did manage to win a decent amount and I only hope next month I can greatly improve on this amount. My goals for June are to play ~30k hands and hopefully be playing 400NL by months end. I will probably take shots when my BR reaches 12k and not really move up for good until I have 16k.

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