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Ended up losing about $2500 this month, only ~$1000 if you count rakeback. Not too terribly upset about it actually, I took at shot at moving up to 5/10 plo and it didn’t work out. This month though my main focus is going to be making some dough mostly to pay off the huge downswing that is taxes. I plan on playing more midstakes nlh to make sure this happens. In May, it’s very likely I’ll have another shot taking month and if that ends up breakeven/losing well so be it.

I’ve been working on my ATM Business a decent amount trying to get it off the ground and I’m making some good progress there. I got my LLC registered with the state (costs $215), opened a bank account in the business’ name, some paperwork filled out with my processor, business cards printed, and scouted out some good locations I plan on approaching some time next week. It’s kinda exciting and a good break from poker. It also makes me feel like I’m slightly contributing to society by providing people with a minor convenience where as poker is just a straight up drain/waste/leech on society. That’s about it for updates, best of luck at the tables to you in April!


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