So here’s a few things I didn’t post last time that I meant to. First is my all in luck graph for the year. This is over the course of 65k hands. Again, I’m not trying to complain or anything, but just keep objective accurate records mostly for myself.

Also, just checked ptracker and during February I played 81 hours for an hourly rate of $64.34. As for March goals I want to:

1. Play 40k hands (for real this time) This means I’ll have to play approximately 100 hours this month or ~25 hours a week.
2. Profit and withdraw a good chunk, while still keeping an online roll of $50k.
3. Move up to 5/10 successfully

Pretty funny ebay listing, can you solve the riddle without cheating?

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  1. Lewis Cash says:

    I didn’t see the guy in the mirror. My guess was that you could tell because he had a ton of alcohol in the pic.

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