A week overdue I know. Couldn’t really help it I’ve been really busy lately. I moved into a new apartment at the end of July and am really still unpacking stuff at the new place more than a week later. My timing wasn’t exactly great either as Seattle had some record breaking heat wave on my move out days with over 100 degree heat. It was not fun.

My landlord at my old place has also been really unreasonable with his expectations for move out. He seems to think it’s the tenants job to make his place look like a completely new joint again and doesn’t understand simple wear & tear or any of his responsibilities. My gf and I have done carpet cleaning and touch up painting at the old place to ensure we get our deposit back which I’m 99% sure is not our responsibility but he has like $2.2k of ours which we’re trying to get back. I don’t think I’ll ever rent from an individual landlord again after this experience. Big management companies are definitely the way to go imo.

July turned out to be a pretty good month for me as far as poker goes. I made about $9k over 22k hands not including rakeback, but the thing I’m most proud of is the improvement I made in my O8 game.

July desktop hands (laptop hands not included)
July HEM Results

July graph 2

I’m already playing the highest O8 games that run on stars and definitely feel I have an edge in them. It’s not that I think I’m an expert in the game already (far from it), it just amazes me how many people in the big O8 games try to play 70% of hands or more and by simply playing fewer hands than them I think I automatically have an edge. I actually think they have a pretty good game for 3 handed or fewer, but for 5-6 handed it’s just pure spew imo so I try to sit out when the games get too short as my edge diminishes quite a bit when that happens I think.

Desktop lifetime O8 hands (5.6k hands for +$75 on laptop of lowstakes O8 not included)
lifetime  O8

As you can see the 75/150 game has some fun variance to it :). Learning new games has also helped with the burn out factor. I actually want to play poker again and am finding it relatively easy to put in 6 hours, 5 days a week which is what I strive for. Sometimes I will only be 1-2 tabling so it may not be as many hands but I’m still getting the hours in which is the important thing. A typical day for me now may involve 2 hours of hold’em, 2 hours of plo, and 2 hours of O8 or mixed games which I actually find quite enjoyable as opposed to just 9 tabling 1/2 nl or 2/4 nl 6 hours a day every day or whatever. Which brings me to another point I’d like to bring up.

While I think I am capable of mass multi-tabling no limit hold’em or plo 6 hours a day and probably making more money it’s not worth it to me. I would much rather make $5k a month every month, enjoy the time I spend playing, and feel I am improving as a poker player every day as opposed to making $10k every month 9 tabling hold’em like a robot and hating every minute of it. It’s just not worth it to me. I know some people will say, “oh that’s just dumb, poker is about making the most money possible” but I would tend to disagree. It doesn’t really make any difference to my lifestyle whatsoever whether I make above a certain amount and I think the intangibles like making the time I spend working more enjoyable for myself way more important to me than making sure I squeak out that extra dollar in +EV for myself. I could also make the argument that my time invested now in learning all the games will make my lifetime hourly much higher if I plan on playing poker for awhile yet to come, which I do, instead of being so shortsighted thinking how can I make the most money at this very instant in time.

ATM machine wise I think some people got the wrong idea from my last post that I had already installed the machines and had them up and running for myself when I made that post. I actually had just ordered them at that time and it took about two weeks to get them. The delivery truck broke down on the way, so I had to go pick them up. At 300lbs a piece it was not fun. Programming them actually ended up being a pretty huge pain in the ass too which wasted like two days of my life, but now I think I could do the next one in like an hour or so. I ended up finally getting them installed on August 3rd or so and had my first customer on the 4th. Haven’t had too much traffic since, but I’m hoping the weekend changes that.

I’ve started thinking about my next article already and could write it on any of my three games. If you have any preference please leave a comment and I’ll take that into consideration in the coming weeks. GL and may you all be boomswitched in August.

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  1. btimm says:

    I wouldn’t mind an article on 3bet pots – as the raiser and the caller – and how the opponents’ styles plays into certain plays you like to make. I realize that this may be a bit too much information for an article, but it would be interesting nonetheless!

    Glad things are going well for you and that you are enjoying poker man. That is great to hear!

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