We used to listen to music all day together. We used to watch TV together. We even used to hang out in bed together.

I miss waking up, grabbing a bite to eat and be playing all in a matter of minutes.

I miss waking up after a previous day’s loss and saying “this is the day I win it back” or “today is the day I play perfect poker.”

I miss the sound of cards being dealt or a pot being pushed my way. I even miss the alert sound signifying “It’s decision time somewhere!”

I miss staying up til 4am grinding away.

I miss setting my own hours.

I miss learning a new reg.

I miss learning a new game.

I miss setting monthly poker goals.

I miss getting even.

I miss discussing poker hands with friends or thinking deeply about a hand or a game long after it’s been played.

I miss getting all in and knowing this will be the last hand I play for the day–win or lose.

I miss inducing a bluff.

I miss making a big bluff.

I miss getting dealt one card, and hoping I’m dealt another one of the same rank or suit.

I miss playing headsup.

I miss making a hero call and being right.

I miss thinking the possibilities are endless.

I miss you online poker. I wish I knew when we’d meet again.

2 Responses to “I miss you online poker.”

  1. Martin says:

    And we miss you Guile!

  2. sarvesh says:

    haha i like it

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