Running good for a change, no doubt the doom switch is just around the corner. I’ll be ready for it when it comes. I’m up 5k so far this month which is ridiculous for me considering I’ve only played 14k hands. Had a little scare today when I lost 3k or so in a row on stars (later switched to FullTilt and I recovered pretty well). Stars is so efing rigged its not even funny. I’m currently running at 6BB/100 at 400NL this month over 12k hands. Clearly sustainable. Yeah, pretty much just made this post to brag. I’ll have a nice month end graph in another week.

Hmm offtopic don’t have too much to say. I have a 2nd round interview with an options trading company next Friday that I’m getting flown out to Chicago for so that’s exciting. Kinda nervous for it. They e-mailed me some docs to read and study before I make it there. Seems kind of ridiculous how much effort I have put in these past 4 years just to get a job that will probably pay me ridiculously low compared to what potential poker income would be. Whatever, we will evaluate that choice if I get an offer and if not it’s kinda like meh whatev poka’s betta anyways. Am I right? Am I right?

PS Making music video playlists on youtube and then grinding poker while listening to them on repeat is the shiz

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