I’m getting excited to head back to Vegas today. My flight is in a couple hours and I’m just finishing up packing now. I’m meeting up with some peeps tonight and then planning to play the $2500 10 game tomorrow. I’ve been working on my Badugi and 2-7 Single Draw for the past week or two and hope I’m not a complete fish in the those games tomorrow, but we’ll see. After that I’ll play two more NL $1500s and then the main. I think it’s about 50/50 whether I get any more cashes if my ITM rate is the usual 15-20%.

I did a lot while I was back home in Seattle these past few weeks. I went to Portland for a day to visit some of my Fiancee’s relatives that were in town, I booked a bunch of wedding stuff (the venue, caterer and photographer), I raced in the Urban Dare Adventure Race which was a lot of fun and went on a quick hike yesterday.

Here’s a hilarious welcome home poster my fiancee made for me when I got back last time which I forgot to post.

More tourney updates to come! Hopefully this is me when I come back.

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