So my dog turned two on Monday (sort of, it’s a one year anniversary since we picked him up from the pound so we just say that was his 1st birthday) and I thought I’d upload some pictures of him. My gf and I threw him a little party and got him some treats from a dog specialty store as well as his own party hat! He’s a pitbull/american bulldog mix, aka a mutt, and may look a bit threatening but I assure you he’s completely harmless. You can stick your hand in his mouth and he just gums it instead of actually biting down. I actually find that the smaller purse sized dogs are actually the most mean and aggressive breeds as they have owners who seem to unknowingly encourage that kind of behavior and pitbulls really just get a bad wrap. So, consider this my PSA to the world, they are actually very friendly and loyal dogs!

Opie’s birthday treats
Opies food

Waiting patiently
opie turns 2

Chowing down
opie eating

Me and Opie
me and opie

More snacks?

Also, if you haven’t checked out the recent Ivey interviews see his “The Poker Edge” podcast on 9/30 with Phil Gordon. The actual interview starts at about the 9 min mark.

Random interview from WSOP Europe. Always a bit annoying that he refuses to ever discuss any poker strategy whatsoever on camera, but you can definitely take something away from the interview.

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