I can’t remember the last time I played almost 4k hands in a day but it’s been awhile. Obv I got super stuck and nothing gets me to play REALLY long sessions more than getting stuck. This month is pretty meh, I think I’m at like $7kish for the month so it’s pretty mediocre. I haven’t been playing that great lately but the cards haven’t been too kind to me as of late either. Been getting lots of coolers preflop & such.

I’m beginning to realize that blogging and posting is pretty -EV. Alot of people know who I am and talk to me at the tables like “hey can we be friends on leggo” or whatever. I also had some shenanigans with a hit’n runner which I commented on whitewash’s blog about. I kinda wish I could get a new screename but whatever – after awhile people would prob just realize I’m not terrible and stop paying me off anyways. I still feel pretty foolish for posting using my real screename and having it so public though. Live & you learn I guess amirite?

Most interesting hand of the day by far was this one where Leatherass completely owned my soul. I gave off a few timing tells by pausing before checking the flop & turn which kinda gave it away but still you gotta give it to him for checking this river back.

Sorry this post was so shitty but I’m pretty exhausted and dunno how I even feel about keeping this blog going atm. Pretty excited for the pres debate tomorrow – be sure to check it out 9pm EST I believe.

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