I haven’t played too much poker the past couple of days mostly due to the hell that is bringing your father’s car into another state. For those of you that I have never had the pleasure of such an experience, let me explain to you what all is necessary in the slim hopes that:
a. I may at least save someone the trouble of figuring this all out on their own one day or
b. You work at high places in the government and could somehow put an end to the current system.

So anyways, in order to transfer ownership, get the car registered in my name for state of Washington etc I first had to get the title shipped to me. Upon receiving the title I go to the licensing office(which btw is like 15 blocks downtown which I drive to and parking in any garage or normal lot in the city is like $6 for 30 mins wtf? Being the life nit that I am I gotta drive around and find more reasonable streetside parking for like $1.50/hr then walk a couple blocks to the building). Anyways, once I get there the guy tells me I need to prove that my dad paid taxes upon purchasing the vehicle or else it cannot be gifted to me.

Okay… don’t have that so have to go to local tax office and pay taxes on fair market value of vehicle. Whatevs, I take my stuff and go the 8 blocks or whatever it is to there only for them to tell me I need to go to Collision1 for a damage estimate so I can get reductions on the amount they value the vehicle on. Also need to provide them with recent car repair bill I had for like a grand when my brakes stopped working like 2 weeks ago. So that was my day wasted on Tuesday during which I accomplished nothing but gather information.

On Wednesday I head over to collision1, get the estimate, then go get emissions testing done on my car at a different state run place which is also necessary before you can get the car registered in a new state. After this I head over to the tax office again, get them to devalue my van to like $500 and end up paying the $41 in taxes or whatever. After this I get to head over to the licensing office, pay the $80 or whatever for new registration and license plates. Tomorrow I get to waste my day getting a new driver’s license and shopping around for new car insurance. Fun.

I really don’t understand why all of these things could not be done by the dmv so I don’t have to to 10 different places gathering different pieces of information each place I stop. It’s realy annoying. I also do not understand why driver’s licenses are not nationalized. Someone give me one good reason for keeping them state run. As far as I know driving laws do not vary by state with maybe minor exceptions like some places have no cell phone use while driving but that’s pretty insignificant. Also, if you are allowed to drive through other states with an out of state license so they clearly honor the licenses given by other state…so what exactly is gained by not having them nationalized. Just about 100% of fakes you see are out of state IDs because nobody can keep track of all 50 licenses not to mention the fact that states love to change their layout/add features every year so every damn license looks different – you gotta be kidding me.

Random thought of the day: don’t you hate it when you haven’t done laundry in forever and all you have left is the really worn out clothes or clothes that don’t fit anymore to wear but you can’t throw them out cuz the only thing worse than wearing boxers that don’t fit anymore is having no clean boxers at all to wear? Ya, me too.

If you haven’t checked out you can still get in to Jason’s nfl football pool details are on Bitzpoker’s linked on the right. Basically it’s $75 and you just try to pick one game correctly every week. Winner take all.

Pokerwise things have been going pretty well lately. 5/10 is still very swingy, the very day after I won $5k I lost it all back, but I’m still doing alright for the month hoping to lock up some serious monies this month. The thing I think I’ve improved the most on recently is playing out of position. I’ve definitely figured out some ways to exploit the way people bet too much in certain spots and I’ve even been messing around with calling some more 3 bets out of position which something I used to almost never do but I’ve been working into my game recently and definitely think there’s profit in doing it at times.

I’ve been railing some nosebleeds recently trying to pick up anything I can and I certainly have but would rather not share at this time :). I would also like to add that durrrr is 10 times the player than me and is certainly very good but I dunno if he tilts or what but he seems to have some major major preflop leaks at times.
Example 1
Calling a 4 bet out of position with T9s 75 big blinds deep…wtf?
Example 2
Sorry I coudn’t find the hand history for this one, was just watching it at the time not collecting hand histories, but he calls a 4 bet out of position with Qh4h 100 big blinds deep and obv gets owned by KK. I don’t care how good at poker you are there’s no way you can make this peel profitable preflop.

In a somewhat offtopic note I’ve also been reading some real estate investor blogs which are kinda cool if you are interested in that. It’s always kinda been in the back of my mind that once I save up enough monies I really just want to buy an apartment complex straight up and be set with a steady stream of income for life but that’s way in the future.

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