I awoke this morning to a text from chipsahoya with the following message, “Ugh, now what are you gonna do?” I immediately got a sick feeling in my stomach and knew exactly what had happened but had to login online to find out for sure. Well, my fears were realized and full tilt had banned all washington state residents.

I’m completely out of a job. Not really sure what I’m gonna do now. I guess I have to move. It really sucks because I had finally started to build up some nice contacts for my ATM business and get some consistent gigs and everything but I guess it’s all over now. Really soul crushing day. May be buying a plane ticket out of this state in a day or two as I can’t exactly afford to remain unemployed for very long. I really do love it here in Seattle, but I guess they don’t want or me here anymore.

5 Responses to “Full Tilt Bans all Washington Resident Players”

  1. btimm says:

    What will Claire do? Man, this sucks, I am really hoping things work out well for you in some manner.

  2. Martin says:

    Really sorry to hear this mate. I hope you manage to work out something that suits you both. Hopefully catch you online soon. Good luck.

  3. Noel Rafalo says:

    You could still play on the one offs. Cant you scramble your IP? I assume you already have some sort of idea as to where you will move? SF, LA or LV which is it?

  4. Zimba says:

    Portland’s a nice option 3 hours away, with a similar if smaller feel to it 😉

  5. LuckySOB says:

    This post ruined my day. So sorry to hear this. I was gonna call you but I can’t find the charger to my old cell phone, don’t have your number on my new one. Anyway, head over to Muckleshoots (or whatever it’s called). They had unbelievablly soft games there last time I was in town.

    You can always fly here and stay a bit if you need a place to grind. All I have to offer is a room dedicated to online poker with a leather lazy boy recliner, cutsom desk, and a computer set up that includes 2 28″ monitors………..but I’m sure you could get by with it.

    How about Cereus? I know, I know….it’s the devil and they cheated the world out of their bankrolls, but a lot of us make money there and never have any problems cashing out…….err not any more problems than PS and FTP have had at least.


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