1. Make $3k. This is my #1 goal all other goals are to achieve this goal
2. Play only sngs(primarily $60 turbos, I’ve played a few and the play there seems just as bad as the $27s) as well as a little 200NL FULL RING and a couple MTTs if I have time.
3. Stay away from short handed NL. I am just not made for this game. I’ve lost about $1500 at 200NL in the past couple of days trying this and I’m just no good at shorthanded. I need to stay away. I also requested a check from pokerstars for like $2500 so my bankroll at the beginning of Feb for all intents and purposes is $10k.

I will try and post some interesting stories later. I realize now that a purely poker blog is just boring. Check out tuckermax.com that guy is my fucking idol.

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