The 3/6 stars game have become absolutely infested with shortstackers. It is terrible. People currently on my hit list:

Skat Tilt

and a million other donks who buy in for $180 or whatever and annoy the hell out of me. You have no idea how annoying it is to be playing a session and then all of a sudden have IMSAKIDD join every single one of your tables with 20bb. To anyone who says, “oh its part of the game, deal with it” How can you possibly play anything that resembles poker with 20bb? Imagine if everyone bought in for 20bb. If people want to play short fine stars needs to make tables where the max buyin is 30bb or have CAP tables like fulltilt does. If I wanted to play for $120 I would be playing .50/$1 games or maybe $1/$2. I don’t even game select for fish anymore I just game select for the tables with the fewest shortstacks in them. It’s hard to find a table without any of them on and as soon as they join its impossible for me to play real poker. For those of you that don’t know the hell that shortstackers create it causes the following problems:

1. I can’t 3 bet ANYONE remotely light if the shortstack is still yet to act.
2. I can’t make a normal 3.5x raise and have to adjust my raises to 3x or smaller.
3. I have to play really nitty like them if they are still to act, ie fold things like QTs from the CO etc.
4. There’s virtually no good seat at the table anymore if 2 or more are there (which is on most of the tables) So for example even if they are sitting directly next to each other and I have the best seat to their direct left I can profitably open semiloosely from exactly two positions, the CO and button, and if they have already opened I have to fold everything marginal and only 3 bet very strong hands that can stand up to their open. So basically even if seat conditions are ideal, it still ruins the game.
5. It increases my variance a ton because I’m all in vs the shorties so much and flipping with them so often.

These guys join almost every single 3/6 table and it’s really hard not to play with them. If two of them are playing its impossible to play with full stacks. WTF is the point of having $600 on the table if 3 people have <$200? As a result I joined and quit more tables than I probably ever have in one day today, mixing in FTP and stars tables. In conclusion I beg you stars please increase the miniumum buyin to 40bb. Playing with anything less is not poker. You might as well just change your software so it has two buttons, "all in" and "fold" if this continues. End rant. I don’t know why this vid is so funny, it just is.

Most. Disturbing. Video. Ever.(unless you hate dogs, but I <3 them)

5 Responses to “Brief rant”

  1. btimm says:

    Couldn’t agree more Andrew. Ban them to 20-40BB only tables please poker sites!!

  2. DODGYKEN says:

    You’re just jealous cuz they’re better than you.

  3. btimm says:

    Debating having a party in honor of dodgy on the 19th if he is in Charlotte that day. If you are interested in coming down, you are more than welcome. Let me know though, my AIM sn is wingsfan1981.

  4. btimm says:

    Correction, I am a moron, I meant the 21st.

  5. Jason says:


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