I know its late and I haven’t posted in the past month but I’ve been busy with other things, sort of. I spent some time back in my home state NC, woot! and about a week in Vegas. In NC I lost ~$500 or so on my laptop and in vegas I won about that amount playing live. The image above is purely from my desktop.

I’ve actually really been enjoying my time away from the game. I am graduating in December and I try to enjoy every night I have in Ann Arbor now because I know my college life is coming to an end soon. At first I thought I was definitely going to take a couple months off after I graduate and play poker, play in world series etc and see how it goes. However, after talking with some of my peers, it sounds like I could get a starting job salary of ~70k straight out of school. I’m not sure I could pass on something that high as its pretty difficult and much more stressful to make this amount playing poker in a year.

This semester I’m taking a class on Entrepreneurship and it has been really interesting so far. We read an article about how a guy bartered a red paper clip into a house (you may have heard the story). My prof has made us sell something on ebay to start seed capital for a group project and he has also made us sign up a Weblo. Weblo is kind of similar to second life and world of warcraft in that it is a simulated world except it is a simulated world of real life not some fake world like second life if that makes sense. You can buy and sell everything in the world (someone bought England for like $60k real USD recently I believe). It’s pretty interesting and a great money making/investment tool that is just getting off the ground in my opinion. If you’re interested you can sign up through me weblo.com referral code 998d8. Both ebay and weblo are great alternative methods for generating revenue when things aren’t going well pokerwise or you just want a change of pace of things.

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