August ended up turning out pretty well for me winning about $6.5. I’m pretty happy with this result considering I had my biggest losing session ever, -$20k on the 17th and was stuck $10k for the month at that point, which also is coincidentally why I didn’t have any personal updates for the latter half of the month. I didn’t think anyone wanted to hear me whine so I didn’t.

I learned a lot from that day and don’t really regret it other than wishing I would have quit earlier. It was all at 75/150 O8 and while the first $10-$12k was a lot of bad luck and what I thought was good play at the time I have since gone back and realized some leaks of mine. The remaining $7-9k really could have been avoided, but I’m confident in the future I will have the foresight and experience to quit earlier now. O8 is a funny game, the preflop equities run really close, the variance is much higher than I initially thought, and many different styles can win. I was making some adjustments to my game and I’m still not really sure what the correct plays are with a lot of hands and situations because the equities, edges, and decisions are all very close. Without a doubt there is good value if a 70%+ vpip guy is playing though. I can’t help but post this hand as proof the games can be good. Another factor that messes with your head when playing these games is that the games don’t run very often so if you get stuck while playing them you know another good game might not run for couple days so it’s really hard to make yourself quit. I imagine this is what happens to the nosebleed players all the time and you really just have to learn to deal with it and accept it. Here’s screenshot results for the month:

HEM stats
August HEM

HEM graph
August graph

PT Stud
August stud

HEM is a bit misleading as I played a lot of 8 game which it can’t track. I lost $6k playing the stud games, $3k in sunday donkaments (the $150 rebuys add up quickly), and about $15k in O8. I won about $8k in hold’em and about $25k in plo. For the most part I’ve stopped playing the O8 only tables, and while I “only” lost 100 big bets in the 75/150 game this month which could easily be normal variance, $15k is a lot of money to me and I’ve just accepted that I may not want to deal with limit O8 grinding anymore. I feel very comfortable playing it in the 7 and 8 game mixes now and I think I will be able to transition much more easily into PLO8 if I want to in the future. It’s unreasonable for me to expect to immediately start winning in the stud and O8 games my first month playing them at nearly the highest stakes offered so I basically just paid for a lot of education this month IMO. Next month I’m really going to try to put more away from the table studying in and hopefully become at least breakeven in them.

August ATMs screenshot
August ATMs

ATM machine business wise I had a couple of issues that popped up at the beginning of the month. The phone lines at one location weren’t connected properly, I had to reprogram the ring counts on both machines, and at one point I had a note jam in one machine which I kinda just ripped the bill out of the machine and misaligned the belts. I had to call a technician and have him walk me through getting them re-aligned. I restocked the machines about once every 1.5 weeks and realized I needed to stock one of my machines with more cash than initially expected. I could change the max withdrawal to $100 which is what most people seem to do in the industry I’m finding which would make me more revenue and allow me to restock the machines less often, but I kinda feel like a scumbag doing that so I’ve left it at $200. The past two weeks have been pretty much smooth sailing though and I expect to make much more next month because my machines should be operational all 30 days (didn’t install them til August 4th and each one was down for about a week) and football season is starting which should really generate a lot of traffic at the sports bars on the weekends and Monday night.

After paying the bar their cut I netted $258 this month which while it isn’t amazing I think it’s a good start and it’s nice to be making some relatively risk free variance free money now. I was just told by my processor that Hyosung is having a sale for the ATMs in September so I may be getting another one this month, we’ll have to wait and see how things go.

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  1. LuckySOB says:

    Hey got some questoins for you regarding PLO. I don’t have your email and you never seem to be on AIM (nor am I really). Can you ship me an email so I can send you a few Q’s. Couple bout the ATM business also if you don’t mind.

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