NLH Desktop Graph

PLO Desktop Graph (last couple of hands are from Sept 1st)

August aka learn how to play poker again month had me paying a pretty big learning price. I started the month back after not playing pretty much for a whole month & I was just playing badly and way too high for my level of play at the time. Since then I think I’ve gotten really good reads on the regs and have gotten significantly better at playing deep. Shoutout to John who I spoke to for just 20mins about deep strategy but I think that little convo really helped me out.

Anyways, I’m back to playing good now and winning slowly but surely and I’m pretty confident I’m going to have a big September so no worries. PLO didn’t exactly work out like I planned. I ran hot at 2/4 got impatient, played a little 3/6 plo and got crushed like always seems to happen and kinda gave up on it. PLO is a super sick swingy game where you are consistently getting in 60/40s plus you get in way less hands cause it’s so much slower. To counter this you have to play more tables and that leads me to focus less and get worse reads, play worse, etc you see where this is going. I would also like to say that turn play in PLO is by far the sickest and hardest street to play in poker. Oftentimes you are sitting there with AAxx on a Q529 board and have no idea if you should bet or not, even JJxx on a J957 board is super hard. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I will say that playing that after playing PLO alot and then going back to hold’em is like struggling with calculus and then doing 2nd grade math. I think it really helped me to become a better poker player so I don’t mind so much and am still going to mix it in when game hold’em games are super bad.

Pretty sure I’m never taking that much time away from the tables again. I’m pretty happy with my routine at the moment and I’m really getting the hands in on a very structured routine way which has really helped any tilt I used to have as well as keeps me from playing randomly when bored at night on the laptop & inevitably end up losing etc.

Michael Phelps is good, but not this good.

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