Looking at back at January 2007 posts I had an $870 bankroll and the following goals.

1. Stay away from cash games and play only sngs until my bankroll is at least $4000
2. Make $100k this year playing poker
3. Double my bankroll every month for first few months of the year
4. Play tilt free and realize that it is much more important to avoid losing money than to try to force it and maybe win money.

I think I succeeded in #1 for the most part thanks to my huge tourney score, I improved on #4, while #2 and #3 I failed. Overall though I am pretty happy with my results. I managed to go to school the whole year and still make ~$45k or so total playing poker part time. For 2008 I have am not really going to make monetary goals, though I do want to have a $20k+ month. My main goal is to

play a half a million hands

this equates to 40k hands a month with two 50k hand months thrown in. I think this is a very achievable goal and should keep me on track for the year.

I had my first coaching session with nutedawg tonight and I have to say it went very well. I am very satisfied with his services and he got me thinking a lot about things I was ignoring or not paying attention to. There are certain spots where I was calling or raising when folding is really the best play. He has a very methodical and mathematical approach to the game which I think is necessary to really beat high stakes well. The 2 hour session cost me $300 and I made $1200 while he was sweating me 2-3 table 600nl. It was sweet. I would definitely recommend him if you’d like someone to work out some minor leaks in your game.

I’ll leave you with a link to a clip of the sweetest hit I’ve seen in awhile. It’s on Chris Henry in the Titans Colts game this weekend. This was so cool when I saw it live on tv.

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